Fungal Infections and Your Skin by Dr. Buffong

We are so fortunate to obtain such valuable information from one of Trinidad and Tobago's top family doctors, Dr. Christopher Buffong, who is also the Director of Stratosa Coaching Consulting.

Dr. Buffong shares insight on how fungi can affect your skin as well as how to prevent this from happening.

"Fungi that usually live on the topmost layer of the skin can erupt or spread to the skin by touching infected surfaces, pets or persons.

Infected areas are usually itchy, red, swollen, scaly or blistered and can spread to other body parts that are not yet affected.

You can prevent or control Fungal Skin Infection by..

1. Keeping your skin clean and dry especially between toes, genitals, buttocks and under breasts. It is important that you only wear clean, dry clothes and socks everyday.

2. Change out of wet clothes and socks immediately! Whether it be after swimming or working out, staying in wet clothing for long periods of time can and will cause fungal infections.

3. DO NOT share personal care items such as nail clippers, yoga mats, towels, and underwear!

4. Alternate footwear regularly and sunbathe them when they are not being used.

5. Shower shoes are very important when using public showers, bathrooms and locker rooms. 

6. Clean all workout equipment BEFORE & AFTER use.

If your efforts at prevention isn't working, medical treatment may be needed. Please discuss a management plan with your doctor as other skin problems may manifest."

Dr. Chris Buffong
Instagram: @Drchrisbuffong
Family Dr. at The Venus Clinic - Women & Family Clinic
Instagram: @thevenusclinic
Director of Stratosa Coaching Consulting
Instagram: @Stratosacc
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